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Calm seas and bright sunshine with multi-layer security

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Secure storage and private key protection
MPC-CMP + Multi-cloud
Designed to address the new requirements of the digital asset space that have emerged as institutions have entered the ecosystem. MPC-CMP private key protection layer removes the single point of compromise from both external hackers and insiders – as the private key is never concentrated on a single device at any point in time.
Keys stored in SGX cannot be extracted even if malware or a hacker has control over the server’s OS – as the memory space and the data in the SGX enclave are encrypted.
Fireblocks as an infrastructure layer
As an infrastucture layer. Alecton uses the only security platform that insures assets in storage, transfer, and E&O. Fireblocks is SOC 2 Type II certified and completes regular pen testing from ComSec and NCC Group. Also Fireblocks is the first crypto tech company to be certified by the International Organization for Standards in security (ISO 27001), cloud (ISO 27017) and privacy (ISO 27018).
SMS verification
SMS verification is an important feature used by our wallet app to authenticate the identity of our users. By sending a unique code via SMS, we ensure that only the rightful owner of the mobile device can access their wallet account.
Second factor: passcode
Our mobile passcode check is designed to be highly secure, yet easy and convenient for our users. It ensures that only the rightful owner of the mobile device can access their wallet account.
Our personal and financial information is only stored and processed in cloud services that meet our strict infrastructure security requirements. This information is only collected and shared in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
Policy Engine
Alecton uses Fireblocks Policy Engine, which enables us to set up specific approval policies for every transaction. The Policy Engine allows to configure a list of rules that affect how transactions are handled and approved.
Multi-factor Authentication
Team uses cryptographically-secure Multi-Factor Authentication to access internal services. Engineers do not have access to application credentials or production servers. All deployments are performed independently by a deployment server.
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